Pakistan’s First End to End Financial Analytics Platform Covering All
Companies Listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Develop your best investment strategy with over 190 industry specific fundamental and technical indicators to help intelligent decision making

Real Time Data

Live stock prices, index levels and company announcements

Stock Screener

Easily filter by index, sector, financials and performance

Financial Indicators

Comprehend market dynamics using 190+ fundamental and technical indicators

Powerful Visualization

Make sense of numbers even without looking at them!

Comparison Tools

Compare between sectors, equities, indices, etc

Sectors Overview

View the market from a macro perspective! Compare and contrast between sectors and companies using our exquisitely designed filtration process to choose best pick of the market.

Company Snapshot

A quick outline of key data regarding a particular stock in a concise and user friendly format. It only takes a glance to view stock history, capital returns, and performance ratios along with competitor analysis.

Industry Specific Fundamental Indicators

Carefully designed 170+ industry specific fundamental indicators, complemented by powerful visualization, aim at transforming the conventional speculative trading into intelligent trading.

Standardised Financial Statements & Comprehensive Qualitative

Horizontal and vertical analysis for recent 8 quarters, trailing 12 months & 8 year financial statements, supported by qualitative indicators, provide a strong basis for informed decision making.

Real Time Charting

Capitalize on perfect market timing using simple yet powerful mathematical & technical models to maintain a healthy portfolio.

Capital Stake has partnered with TradingView for its charting, a comprehensive investing and trading platform providing live market data and global market news. You can use it to stay informed about real-time economic calendar data.

Stock Screening

Identify finest picks according to your individualized investment strategy! Quick and easy selection of stocks based on various metrics like share price, market cap, P/E ratio, dividend yield and more.

Live Data

Providing real time stock prices, index levels and company announcements to assist timely decision making.

Visual Analytics

Latest and state of the art visualization promise a comprehensive insight to market data with minimal use of numbers.